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Life at Leeds

This page of the Leeds UCU blog is for the accounts of those who work at Leeds, and those who are leaving us under the recent VLS. If you want to add your story or comment here, please fill in the comment box below. This will not be published immediately, but will be edited and posted later. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Alternatively, contact any of the UCU officers.

VLS leavers’ stories

1. An error to squeeze out the all-rounder

There are lots of reasons why I’ve decided to chuck it in after over 30 years.  Many are nothing to do with the university and what is was, is, and is becoming.

I’ve served under 5 VCs and 8 HoDs and know where a few of the bodies are buried.  “Things ain’t what they used to be”, and thank heavens for that – what kind of university doesn’t change with time?

For the  most part, it’s been a good and enjoyable job.  There’s no doubt that recent changes have been rapid and many not to my personal taste: I think it’s an error to squeeze out the all-rounder (or jack-of-all-trades if you wish to be pejorative) as an army of world class [sic] experts is assembled.   I believe the fatuous team-building material that we teach to our students supports my view!

Anyway, I’m off before I overstay my welcome.


2. The disappeared

Although it is almost trivial to make the comparison I feel like the ‘disappeared’ of a South American fascist regime in the way I have been treated by the university.


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