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Guidelines on Picketing – Dec 3rd Strike

November 28, 2013

All pickets should report to the main university entrance (Woodhouse Lane) where you will be directed to one of the picket lines at the many University entrances. Picketing will be from 7am.  

The picket will end at 11.30 a.m. when we will assemble on the Parkinson Steps for short speeches prior to making our way to Victoria Gardens (the area outside Leeds Art Gallery on the Headrow) for a rally

Approaching people

The point of the picket is to peacefully persuade people not to cross our picket lines i.e. to not go into work.

 Picketing is a legal activity and pickets should wear an armband indicating they are on duty (we will provide you with these). Placards and posters should be displayed stating OFFICIAL PICKET.

All UCU/UNISON/UNITE members should be on strike.

You should talk to anyone, a union member, work colleague, or member of the public who approaches the picket line. Give them a leaflet and explain the reason for the strike. You can ask them not to cross the picket line.

Anyone who decides to cross a picket line must be allowed to do so. But always take the opportunity to talk to them and explain the reasons for the industrial action – give them a leaflet explaining the dispute.

Those workers who wish to cross the picket line should be asked not to undertake any duties or responsibilities other than their own i.e. not to cover for us.

Speaking to non-union members

There’s no reason for not asking non-union members not to cross the picket line. However, if someone who’s not a member of any union, wants to support us by staying away from work, you do need to make it clear that if their employers decided to discipline them the unions wouldn’t be able to support them. (It’s probably unlikely the University would discipline them, but it’s a possibility.) The individual must then make up their own mind.

Their best course of action is to join there and then – they will then have the full protection afforded to any union member. Keep membership forms with you for this purpose.

If they do decide they have to go in to work, but would like to support us, then encourage them to join the two rally mentioned above.

Speaking to students

Students are not vulnerable to disciplinary action like staff, so any student who wishes to support us and not cross the picket line should be made welcome. Likewise, any student who wishes to stand on or near the picket lines should be made welcome, although they would not be legally recognised official pickets (so shouldn’t, for example, be allowed to wear an armband).

 Speaking to people who are not University staff or students

You can seek to persuade other workers, not employed at the University, not to deliver goods or to enter the work premises, e.g. post, milk, stationary supplies, etc. (This is the only form of permitted ‘secondary’ action).


The Chaplaincy is always available to any member of the University community.   Their facilities are normally open from 8.30am. There are various places that sell refreshments on Woodhouse Lane,  Miro’s café near the banks on Woodhouse Lane opens around 7.30 am for take-away drinks.  They know we are on strike that day – you could try your luck and ask for a striker’s discount – and Froth and Fodder were kind enough to bring over flasks of tea the last time we were on strike

 Have fun, keep warm! If there are any problems contact any union officer/committee member.

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