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Leeds students agree to support local industrial action by UCU

February 11, 2011
University of Leeds student supports dispute

Last year, students gave us incredible support in our dispute

Last night, at the Better Union Forum held by Leeds University Union for students, it was agreed that LUU would support UCU members should the need for industrial action come about as a result of the failure of the university to resolve the current disputes.

UCU is grateful for this message of support. Our members are the people who teach, support and develop students and the terms and conditions of employment of our members represent our students’ learning environment.

The UCU currently has three disputes with the employer:

A local dispute over threats of redundancy, academic activity profiles and failures to fulfil agreements from the March 2010 agreement which ended the last dispute, notably the failure to implement School/service constitutions that might best underpin and facilitate an improved culture of collegiality that will engage staff in decision making, create clearer information and encourage ownership of solutions to the issues we face. The VC recently accused us of misrepresenting matters for which we hold solid evidence.

University of Leeds ballot

Vote 'yes' and 'yes'

A national dispute over pay and job security

A national dispute over pensions

All members are advised to vote ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ in all three ballots – 6 x yes.

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