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Local dispute (4): more failures to honour March 2010 agreement

January 28, 2011

See below an extract from the March 2010 End of Dispute agreement between the University and the UCU. Before reading this, take note that hardly any of this has happened in the case of FBS. In fact, the opposite has in fact taken place in numerous cases. Other areas in review within the University need to be acutely aware of this:

“12.             In order to maximise opportunities for the redeployment of academic staff, the following measures are agreed (the idea being that this will serve as a pilot to assess feasibility and practicability)  :-

  • The options to be discussed in the individual meetings with staff ‘at risk’ will include the possibility of relieving them of workload (note 1) to allow for intensive re-training (note 2) or work on re-establishing or strengthening research profile. Where appropriate this may include, in addition to the allocation of time, the support of a mentor to work on bringing research to publication and on making grant submissions (to a deadline of 1 October 2010).
  • Grant submissions will be subject to the internal peer review process as normal. In order for staff to reinvigorate their research profile, it is expected that the grant submission will support a significant proportion of the individual academic’s time. (note 3).”

Note 1: In FBS, staff who have been told there may be no place for them in the future structure have had their teaching load increased.
Note 2: In FBS, nobody to our knowledge has yet been offered any such training
Note 3: In FBS, members submitting grant submissions are being told these will not be supported, if there is a chance they may not be a place for them in the structure.

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