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UCU at Leeds Trinity query management

January 21, 2011

A letter sent earlier this week by UCU and Unison to management at Leeds Trinity University College asked serious questions about the recent and planned restructuring. Members at Leeds Trinity chose to move to dispute with the management if there was no response to UCU’s concerns over the recent secretive removal of five senior management posts, the academic and line-management issues that have arisen as a result of this and to┬áconcerns over the impact of the changes on academic governance issues within the institution. It is hoped that management will take┬áno steps to implement any further changes until such time as there is an agreement between the employer and the recognised campus unions on a procedure to manage organisational change.

At a recent meeting, members expressed grave concerns in respect of the proposals contained within an ‘ambiguous and inadequate’ four page document. The proposals were considered to be potentially extremely damaging to staff at the institution. Members also expressed the opinion that the manner of the treatment meted out to five colleagues was unacceptable and completely at odds with the founding principles and ethics of the College.

In addition to the seven-page letter, an appendix of ten pages of questions compiled from members’ responses to the recent and proposed changes was submitted. These covered issues such as ‘Consultation’, ‘Impact Assessment’, ‘Miller/Browne/CRS’, ‘New Executive Team’, ‘Effects on Departments’, ‘Heads of Departments’, ‘Academic Deliberative Structures’, ‘Academic procedures’, ‘Learning and Teaching’, ‘Research’, ‘Quality Assurance’ and ‘Communicating Change’.

To read the full set of questions download this paper.

Click to read the Leeds Trinity occupation blog

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