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December 10, 2010

The government got their tuition fees bill through parliament yesterday with their majority slashed by three quarters. The vote passed with a majority of only 21 (323 in favour, 302 against).

21 LibDem MPs kept their pledge to the electorate and voted against the fees hike: Annette Brooke, Sir Menzies Campbell, Michael Crockart, Tim Farron, Andrew George, Mike Hancock, Julian Huppert, Charles Kennedy, John Leech, Stephen Lloyd, Greg Mulholland, John Pugh, Alan Reid, Dan Rogerson, Bob Russell, Adrian Sanders, Ian Swales, Mark Williams, Roger Williams, Jenny Willott, Simon Wright

28 LibDem MPs reneged upon their pledge and voted for a tripling of fees. REMEMBER THEIR NAMES: Danny Alexander, Norman Baker, Sir Alan Beith, Gordon Birtwistle, Tom Brake, Jeremy Browne, Malcolm Bruce, Paul Burstow, Vincent Cable, Alistair Carmichael, Nick Clegg, Edward Davey, Lynne Featherstone, Don Foster, Stephen Gilbert, Duncan Hames, Nick Harvey, David Heath, John Hemming, Norman Lamb, David Laws, Michael Moore, Andrew Stunell, Jo Swinson, Sarah Teather, David Ward, Steve Webb, Mark Hunter.

6 other LibDem MPs reneged upon their pledge and abstained. REMEMBER THEIR NAMES: Lorely Burt, Simon Hughes, Tessa Munt, Sir Robert Smith, John Thurso, Stephen Williams.

The LibDem pledge to the electorate was clear:

I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative

Let’s examine that. It’s a pledge to vote a certain way on this specific issue. In order to be able to vote, the person giving the pledge needed to become an MP. There is no context that talks about being a governing party, or being in coalition. On the contrary, the issue of pressurising the ‘government’ puts the pledge in a context of both opposition and government.  It’s a straightforward and unambiguous pledge to vote one way, and taken by these people in public as part of a campaign to put them in a position where they might enact that vote. Don’t forget their names. We shall be reminding them in coming months and years of the damage they have caused to our culture, society, social mobility, education and access to education.

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