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Psychology cancels student test due to lack of paper

December 7, 2010

Latest TechnologyLast week, a scheduled class test for a 20 credit compulsory module in the Institute of Psychological Sciences at the University of Leeds had to be cancelled for a class of 189 students because there was no paper to copy the formula sheets required for the test.  Students, who had been promised last year that the spending cuts would not impact upon their education,  had all revised and prepared for the test.

A financial decision had previously been made in Psychology to reduce paper costs. This means that paper stocks are not replaced if the supplies run out earlier than expected.  This decision leaves the department with days when there is no paper.

At a staff meeting this week in the Institute, despite a state of affairs where financial decisions result in tests being cancelled, there was no statement on finances on the agenda. Several members of the Institute’s management team and the Faculty Dean were present, but none offered a verbal report on the Institute’s finances when requested and nobody had prepared a written report.  Staff in the department currently have no idea what shape the Institute’s finances are in (despite repeated institutional commitments to transparency) or whether it is really true that the Institute cannot even afford paper. A week earlier support staff had to buy paper from the Student Union with petty cash in order to carry out their work.

All this in a University that has so much money in reserve it is actively seeking, it would seem, to avoid earning more interest on its banked reserve of between £100,000,000 and £150,000,000.

Perhaps we can offer to do a whip-round, and collect paper for the Institute of Psychology.

Cartoon about paper

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  1. An academic permalink
    December 10, 2010 8:13 PM

    I have some paper I can donate.

    (My world-class department can’t afford printer cartridges)


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