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Notice of eviction served to Leeds Student Occupation

December 7, 2010

repossession signWe learn that University of Leeds management have handed the occupiers of the Michael Sadler building a notice to leave the premises by 8am, Wednesday 8th December (tomorrow).

Rather than wait a day further until the key date around which these occupiers’ protests have been focussed – the vote in parliament on raising the tuition fee cap, 9 December – our University management have demonstrated a lack of appreciation of what the occupiers here and across the country have achieved and continue to achieve.

Supporters of the occupation have been called upon via Facebook to join the occupation tonight and/or rally at the occupation 7.30am, tomorrow morning.

The University published the text of the eviction notice in full here.

Note that the University management here defines the student occupiers as trespassers. This is defined as a tort in English law. Trespassing is usually a civil wrong though in England and Wales certain forms of trespassing are covered by criminal law. The reference to trespass in Roger Gair’s letter is a warning to the occupiers that the University is no longer comfortable with students occupying a lecture theatre for the purposes of holding seminars, lectures, workshops and defending the education of, and the access to education of future students.

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