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Coach to 9 December London protest

December 6, 2010
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Click for link to NUS info on lobby

Leeds University UCU has booked a coach to the joint UCU/NUS protest and mass lobby of MPs on Thursday in London.

Thursday 9 Dec is the historic vote on the University fees increases – this coalition government is extremely weak with unprecedented levels of protest action taking place against its planned education cuts – join in and make a difference on 9 December.

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Click for link to UCU protest info

All the trade unions in all the Leeds education institutions are welcome and are encouraged to share our transport.  The coach leaves at 7am, Parkinson Steps, University of Leeds.  Tickets are £15.  Please phone or email Sue Redhead 0113 3435904 to arrange to buy your ticket in advance.  Please forward this message to others.

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  1. December 8, 2010 1:12 PM

    Much has been made, in the UK press and broadcast media, of the various attempts by student activists to disguise their identities, whilst engaged in ‘peaceful protest’. And yet, many will have travelled to previous protests using the London Transport system, where RFID-enabled ‘Oyster cards’ are commonly used as a convenient means of pre-paid travel.

    For the uninitiated, a small passive RFID microchip within these ‘contactless’ travel cards enables swift access to the tube trains, and other services too. Each card is directly linked to its owner, and a full name and contact address will have been recorded prior to the issuance of each new card. Oyster card readers are located at tube stations across London, (i.e. in the access turnstiles), although this technology can in theory be made portable at a relatively low cost.

    The travel cards themselves contain passive RFID devices, meaning that once an appropriate card reader is in close proximity then the card has no choice but to ‘give up’ the information contained therein.

    You can learn more at:

  2. December 8, 2010 2:38 PM

    Oyster cards are available without giving personal details. People may wish to consider such a purchase, if they have these concerns.


  1. Anti Cuts Protests » Blog Archive » LONDON CALLING FOR FEES VOTE TODAY

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