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Police Officer 4487 closes the student services building to students

December 1, 2010

University of Leeds students floored by policeYesterday afternoon, when staff and students were enjoying a coffee in the Ziff building and students were accessing the services on the ground floor, police officers pushed some students to the floor, one Roundhay pupil spoke of how he was roughly handled on his way out of the building, and a police officer declares on camera that the building – which was open – was closed on his authority.

The University management has yet to state that it accepted officer 4487’s unilateral decision to close the building. Certainly, no member of staff co-operated with his decision. The University management has yet to release a statement on how police treated members of the University community yesterday, or indeed any explanation on why the police were in the student services building when no crime had been committed.

The following video provides insight into these events:

Transcript of part of the video:

University of Leeds student: “This is a student building”
Policeman: “It’s closed.”
Student: “Since when has it been closed? The café’s not closed, the Vice-Chancellor’s office is not closed”
Policeman: “It’s closed, love.”
Student: “This building isn’t closed.”
Policeman: “It is.”
Student: “Well, where’s your authorisation?”
Policeman: “I don’t need it, it’s closed.”
Student: “I think you do need it actually.”
Policeman: “Pardon?”
Student: “Could you tell me who gave you the authorisation […]”
Policeman: “Me!
Student: […] “to shut the building?”
Policeman: “Me, I have.”
Student: “What’s your number, please?”
Policeman (turns shoulder to student): “It’s on there”
Student (reading): “4487”
Policeman: “I’ve… closed it.”

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  1. Another Academic permalink
    December 1, 2010 9:50 AM

    Erm, does this mean the Vice-Chancellor was in contempt of a police order that the building he was in was closed? The statement by the policeman is unambiguous, and does not give any detail of who could and could not be in the building.

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