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Leeds Occupiers on Look North (BBC iPlayer)

November 27, 2010

The Leeds student occupiers of the Michael Sadler building were on BBC Look North last night, responding to Nick Clegg’s failure to apologise for going back on his promise that “as leader I will defend party policy as it is, which is to scrap tuition fees“. Look North dedicated over four minutes of their programme to this issue, and advertised the meeting today at 2pm that is open to all students, staff and local pupils, parents and workers.

The Look North footage shows the occupiers in discussion around the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, and demonstrates the calm, reflective atmosphere the occupiers have created, a space for seminars, discussion, debate and knowledge transfer with local school pupils (representatives of Allerton Grange and Roundhay school pupils were present in the Michael Sadler  last night). UCU believes that these activities are what a University is about.

BBC website coverage of third night of occupation here.

Last night’s Look North is available on iPlayer for the rest of today:

BBC Look North at the University of Leeds

Click on the image to watch the clip

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  1. Simon Constantine permalink
    November 27, 2010 3:23 PM

    While much of this is great and I would never claim to be able to do better under pressure, I think that Ian’s answer to the second question could have been expanded somewhat. The argument that the poorest ‘who have no hope of getting a university place’ should not see their taxes used to fund education is the sort of crudity which you hear from the American Republicans; it’s ‘Joe the plumber’ all over again. In my view, the argument against it is fairly simple. The whole point of a progressive taxation system is that the richest, who can afford to pay more, make a much greater contribution to public expenditure upon education than the poorest, who pay only what that they can afford or nothing at all. It is this, and the inexpensive education system that it pays for, which allows the poorest and their children to be able to afford to go to university if they wish to do so, rather than being condemned to having ‘no hope.’ I think that one of the key things which we need to do as the student movement develops is train ourselves to get better at arguing against the disarmingly crude reasoning of the popular right, otherwise we appear to be ignoring opposing arguments. This peaceful occupation is a great way to begin doing this, creating a great atmosphere of debate and self-education. Although I am unable to attend the meeting, I look forward to hearing the plans for taking the occupation forward.


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