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Two motions from today’s GM

November 9, 2010

Both motions from today’s General Meeting were carried unanimously

First motion

The LA is alarmed by the late running of, and the unilateral variation to, the ‘Contribution Pay’ round.

The national Framework Agreement and its associated Memorandum of Understanding covers all aspects of pay and conditions and was won after a protracted and difficult national dispute in 2004.

The Framework Agreement is clear and explicit on the need for collective negotiation:

“Institutions covered by this agreement will develop detailed arrangements for pay progression within grades, in line with the principles set out in this Appendix and in active partnership with their recognised trades unions.”

There are three defined forms of pay progression: “Progression up to the contribution threshold for each grade…”, “Accelerated incremental progression” and “Discretionary progression beyond the agreed contribution threshold.” the latter two points being covered by the Contribution Pay round. The “active partnership” clause is a point of principle for UCU both locally and nationally.

The LA Notes:
The University budgeted 2.5% for this year’s pay award (after taking account of what it spent on the Economies Exercise and VLS) and with the national pay settlement looking like being only 0.4%,

The LA believes therefore:
That university management can afford to be generous in rewarding and recognising the hard work of all staff who are working in an ever more demanding environment. Instead it has chosen to impose a new procedure that will reduce our chances of receiving additional payments, and in the case of FBS, appears to have decided not to run the Contribution Pay round at all for a second consecutive year.

The LA resolves to protect the UCU interest in the Framework Agreement in its entirety and instructs the President to declare a dispute with immediate effect and to consider industrial action should there be no return to the negotiating table.

Second motion

The LA notes proposals carried in Senate to restructure the Centre for Joint Honours (CJH). The paper contains no proposals for how the higher level administrative functions of the Centre are to be carried out. The obvious conclusion is that the work will simply be dumped on already overstretched staff in the Schools, while our members will be displaced from their jobs.

The LA has twice requested further information from University management in the ESRG about this but the proposal to restructure was taken to Senate regardless of our concerns.

The LA does not believe that there is a diminishing need for these jobs, for the most part Joint Honours programmes will continue to be delivered; current and prospective students will still need to be looked after.

The LA calls on university management to redeploy our members into the relevant Schools.

The LA resolves should this not happen that our members will not pick up the work of our colleagues in the CJH.

Should the university management move to make our members redundant in CJH or any other part of the University, the LA will ballot for industrial action.

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