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University of Leeds refuses to implement a referendum on pensions

October 6, 2010

The UCU thinks that the proposals over changes to the USS pension scheme is so important and so potentially damaging that all USS members should be able to vote on the proposals.

In July, the three trustees representing employees on the USS board proposed a referendum of all USS members on the changes proposed by the employers. The board nonetheless voted against a ballot and in favour of a much more limited consultation, leaving Universities in effect to arrange their own consultations, which might include a referendum.

Last month, the UCU at Leeds proposed to the University management that the consultation process regarding the proposals for change in the USS scheme should include a referendum for all members of the scheme here.

We learn today that the University does not wish to give its employees who pay into USS the opportunity to vote on the future of that pension scheme, and has rejected the idea of a referendum.

As the UCU did not trust the employers to arrange for a referendum, we established our own. If you have not voted yet, email with the subject line ‘Defend USS’ and we will send you a unique link enabling you to vote. Read more and download new campaign materials here:

You may have read that the value of the USS fund actually grew by £4.5bn in the twelve months to March 2010, a brilliant performance at a time of deepening recession which confirms UCU’s view that our fund is far from being in crisis. You can read the advice of the actuary here (.pdf).

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