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University of Leeds drops 69 places in world rankings after Economies Exercise

September 16, 2010

Leeds UCU are disappointed but not surprised to see the University of Leeds plummet by 69 places in the THE World University Rankings. We warned last year that any attempt to gain a competitive advantage by making cuts in advance of the Government Spending Review would be highly damaging.

Over 800 of our colleagues applied to leave the university this year under the voluntary leaver’s scheme; more than 500 left on top of a hundred the year before. This takes the total staff numbers at Leeds from over 8100 last year to 7518 this August, a reduction of nearly 600. Student numbers continue at record levels, staff workload is going through the roof and it is inevitable that this will negatively affect both staff wellbeing and the experience we can offer to students.

Doubtless, the university has achieved its aim of a 10% cut (which begs the question as to why there are still 15 reviews either underway or planned for the current year), but it has paid a high price in staff morale and public perception.

When are University senior managers and Council going to accept that their strategy is not working? Is it not time for an alternative?

The UCU will continue to fight to defend jobs, pensions and pay as the best way to defend the quality of education and research at the University of Leeds.
University of Leeds ranking

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