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Yet more thoughts on the bookshop closure

August 9, 2010

Comments on the closure of the bookshop are coming thick and fast. See the last few blog entries for more. Here is the latest bunch:

Union Books is an invaluable resource. Saving it from closure will give confidence that the Union and University are committed to the academic best interest of students.

I find it unbelievable that a huge university campus like Leeds is considering closing the bookshop. I have purchased books there myself, and I know that my daughter uses the shop as a student regularly. I am really disappointed…my daughter pays to come to the university and now the services are being withdrawn. I am quite disgusted.

We cannot hope to be a world class university without a university bookshop

A world-leader university without it’s own academic bookshop? Ridiculous! The university needs to start listening to students and stop cutting vital academic resources.

This is shocking news. I’ve been a user of Union Books since it first began. It’s hard to see how we can manage without it. Blackwells is a poor substitute, and you can’t browse on Amazon. The cost of grubbing up the lovely cherry trees outside and replacing them with a windswept piazza would have been better spent on investing in the bookshop. Think again!

This is probably the most stupid act in the name of ec0nomy that I’ve heard of yet.

How about a change of motto: I suggest, ‘Not for profit, just for sushi’.

Union books is one of the most important shops in the students union. It would be a crime to close it!!!

Regressive Capitalist tendencies. If the limb doesn’t work then just amputate it. Heaven forbid this leadership would have the stones to actually work through some issues for the benefit of the student population.

Without question this is the best campus-based University bookshop of any I know – in terms not only of the stock and its presentation but also of the friendliness and effectiveness of the staff. I regret very much that a decision, based on narrow financial grounds, has been taken (and so precipitately) by an organisation that is a not-for-profit service for students and the wider University community.

I feel that it is necessary to have the facilities to buy books on campus as opposed to buying it from national retailers. A university is a place of learning and education, it doesn’t seem acceptable that the environment that students learn in doesn’t have a book shop.

Although many students now use Amazon to buy some of their course reading material it cannot always be relied upon. This is particularly the case for foreign languages or when specific editions are not easy to get hold of. The bookshop is needed as a place where you can be guaranteed to be able to get hold of course materials, even at short notice. Closing the bookstore will undoubtedly cause problems; it’s hard enough to get hold of books in the library as it is.

Please don’t shut the bookshop, a volunteer scheme based on admin, management as well as staff could be operated to cut costs. There are many competent students who could alleviate the cost conditions.

Please re-think this. There is a practical way forward. The bookshop should be combined with student stationery (currently on sale in the Supermarket of all places!) to relaunch it as a student resources centre.

It is absolutely ridiculous to even consider closing the leeds university bookshop. it’s vital for students trying to fid important books for a course. RIDICULOUS

How can a service which is run by students (Student Union) for students be closed without a broad public discussion involving students and university staff about the reasons and possible alternatives?

We have always valued the excellent working relationship we have with the bookshop staff. Nothing is too much for them and we have always appreciated this level of customer service.

It is detrimental to the University and the student experience not to have a book shop.

A university without a bookshop could not take itself seriously. Perhaps it doesnt make as much money as a fast food franchise, but is it not supposed to be a valuable academic service?

The Leeds University Union Bookshop is an excellent facility, with knowledgeable and helpful staff and a good range of books (certainly, for Modern Languages, infinitely better than Blackwells). I am horrified that it may close. Having a major university without an on-campus bookshop is unthinkable.

Without this bookshop it will be alot more difficult to find certain books for the courses, as blackwells never seem to have what you neeed. and buying over the internet is not an option for everyone. Also, it can take weeks for books to come if there is a delay in posting

I was disappointed on hearing the news of the closure of the union bookshop. I think a university of this size should have a bookshop on campus for staff and students to access particularly when the union was voted best in the country. I appreicate the economic situation but it gives a confusing message when other retail establishments such as beauty saloons, hairdressers shops and food outlets are avialble but not a bookshop. The timescale is also short with little that can be done during the summer holidays why wasn’t this brought to the attention of staff and students sooner? I feel they would have been willing to use and support it more if they had known the consequences.

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