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Still more thoughts from staff and students about the bookshop closure

August 7, 2010

The comments on the University Bookshop being closed are still coming in. More samples below:

We MUST have a university bookshop. How can a Russell group university pretend to be any such thing if it deosn’t have somewhere you can buy books?

What a disgrace of a ‘prestigious’ university we are. More students, fewer lecturers, fewer departments and now fewer immediately accessible academic resources. As an Arts student, even I know that that doesn’t add up.

I’m geniunely embarassed to be a member of LUU.

I have worked at the University of Leeds since 1964 and cannot imagine this university, or any, without a university bookshop. This is an essential tool in our academic life and we would lose all prestige in the wider academic world if we were to let it go for the sake of only putative, if fact even very doubtful, commercial reasons. I cannopt see i n any case how our present operation fails to satisfy our academic and cultural needs or to make commercial sense. How candsuch a decision be reached without consulting those who benefit most from its use?  Yet again decisions appeart to be made abtriraily by those with no sense of what or whom a university is for.

The Leeds University Union Bookshop is an excellent facility, with knowledgeable and helpful staff and a good range of books (certainly, for Modern Languages, infinitely better than Blackwells). I am horrified that it may close. Having a major university without an on-campus bookshop is unthinkable.

To close the bookshop would not only seriously affect our brilliant standing as a university, but the day to day life of students and staff.

A University needs a bookshop – end of story.

Essential and non-corporate service that has sorted out reading list needs superbly. Don’t let this go – the University needs an in-house bookstore that belongs to staff and students.
Leeds Uni needs to get it’s priorities sorted. It’s damaging it’s own reputation with some of the ludicrous and highly commercial decisions it’s making; decisions that are having an adverse affect on academic provision.

Too many universities are thinking about making money and forgetting about providing an education.
It’s appalling … how do students get course books… it will be even more stressful and time consuming. University fees are rising but the quality of education is falling and it needs to be changed.

If this is true, leeds university will have a pasty shop, gym, etc…but no bookshop? go figure.

About time too, now the University can concentrate on the more important business of flogging sushi and juices.

As an alumni of the University of Leeds I am concerned by plans to close the Union bookshop. Whilst studying, I purchased all required course books from the Union bookshop and it was a very useful resource. At the time I was pleased to know that the profit spent on books was being reinvested into the Union and services for students. The union is excellent and its resources must remain so for students to continue to receive the first class experience available at the University of Leeds. With such extensive investment already put into social areas, bars and clubs within the union, similar investment should be reflected in services that improve access to education materials.

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