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More thoughts on the closure of the campus bookshop

August 6, 2010

Yesterday we posted some of the comments that had been put on the petition within the first two days. Today we offer a few comments from the Facebook page. To read them all, follow this link.

Leeds University going down the pan then I see. They want to have more students, but with less faculty and now minus a bookshop? So what is actually going to be the point in this insitution, if the money is being directed away form students. After all, creating a new University Square in front of the union building was money well spent.

This is ridiculous – the place isn’t even making a loss. The announcement just says they are going to close it just in case it starts to lose money! What a senseless reaction – they should promote the bookshop and find ways to boost the business! I really hope we can persuade them to reverse this decision.

The people who want to close it are forgetting that it provides students with extremely specialist books that we can’t get elsewhere. I study French and I have very rarely been able to find the books i need in Blackwells. I’m just about to go into my final year and even though I have managed to find some cheap books from the internet, most are not available and I was hoping to able to buy them in the union bookshop like I have most of my previous books.

What a terrible idea! When I was at Leeds, the bookshop was invaluable, both for course related materials and books for personal pleasure. I’m at Durham now, and have to rely on the extremely limited selection in Waterstones, or else order it from Amazon.

I will not tolerate the loss of this invaluable resource for students. How can a university call itself an academic institution and not have a bookshop for academic books? Everyone should fight to save the campus bookshop. I am so fed up with the idea that universities are increasingly regarded as corporations. What a nonsense this makes of David Cameron’s notion of the “BIG SOCIETY”.

What a disservice to people who don’t buy their books from amazon, it’s not everybody who gets all their academic stuff off the internet. Union books is a pleasure to visit at any time of day and what a loss it will be to people just looking for a new book to read, the printed word is an essential part of study and the university will regret letting this service go. The University has only very half-heartedly informed us about the bookshop, every department should whole-heartedly endorse students to buy their books from the shop, not just leave them to their own devices. Everyone should sign this petition to campaign against this academic betrayal, for if does end up closing in November, then we will all lose out.

Anyway, the bookshop was always busy – why close a thriving on-campus business?

Besides being an invaluable source for students this is the only place i go and relax in the uni, this is so insulting considering the fact that we get this for paying that much money! i hope this ‘corporate mentality’ takes its hands off from the uni and it will not be closed.

This is terrible. Great staff, ultra sensitive to academic and student needs, provision of essential specialized reading packs for courses not to mention lots more. This seems totally out of synch with student and university needs and character.

How the f*** can you have a university (particularly one that fancies itself as a world leader) without its own bookshop!? On the other hand, does a university need its own hairdresser’s or pasty shop? Get your priorities sorted if cuts need to be made. This will negatively affect EVERYONE, to even consider it is nothing short of lunacy

I worked at Union Books for 2 years- this is so sad! The staff are the nicest people you could meet and so willing to help you. I found this was the only place that I could find rarer course books. The Uni are so proud of the fact that we are the only SU in the UK to own an independent bookshop, but I am fairly sure that I overheard several people giving campus tours recommending that amazon was often a cheaper option. I know that the shop wasn’t turning around a year-long profit, but surely that’s too be expected from an ACADEMIC book shop in the middle of a University campus? (Although there is an excellent range of fiction including recent best-sellers, and a very impressive selection of cookery books- just to point that out if you have the time to read during term time). I know for a fact that the bookshop is used by staff and students alike- at the beginning of each term the queues can run the length of the shop- and I even had customers coming in from the Met. DON’T LET IT CLOSE!

Well I suppose you could fit another overpriced food outlet in there…when do you reckon they’ll leak the plans to turn the Edward Boyle Libary into a massive topshop with its own ice rink?

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