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The VC’s letter and the Economies Exercise at Leeds

June 24, 2010

Last year, when the University announced it was to make £35M worth of cuts, the UCU stated that this equated to something like 700 jobs. Many in university management accused us of scaremongering. A University representative eventually stated that shedding 400 jobs would bring about the appropriate saving.

We now know that over 400 people have been given the voluntary leavers’ package. So, surely, if the University has a good grasp on figures, the savings have now been made. Or was the UCU right all along?

The recent letter from the VC seems to indicate that we were right. He refers to our being “three quarters of the way” to making the saving he believes to be necessary.

Most remarkably, in his letter, the VC seems to imply that he is breaching the visitorial injunction (which insists that the University may continue to plan for the Economies Exercise, but may not implement any plans).

The UCU is seeking clarification from the Privy Council Office on this last issue, and has forwarded the VC’s letter to it.

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