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The University takes money from the Staff Emergency fund

May 12, 2010

The Staff Emergency Fund was set up using 10% of the money the university saves each year from the salary sacrifice scheme.  Its main purpose is to fund grants and loans for staff who find themselves in financial difficulty, and has been used by a variety of staff across campus.

Last financial year there was an underspend of £80k which was ‘absorbed’ back into central university funds, without consulting the 3 campus trade unions who sit on the steering group.  This did not go down well!

Funds raided imageConsequently the projected underspend this year is going to be used for altruistic purposes, and the steering group will be meeting at the end of the May to consider ways to use this money for benefit to staff.  Suggestions floated so far include such ideas as subsidised membership of The Edge, more bike cages on campus, funding to knock a wall down in the Staff Centre and more.  The steering group will be meeting again at the end of the month to consider how to divvy up this year’s underspend, so if you have any ideas for how this could be used in a beneficial way, ideally something that could benefit all or a significant number of members of staff, please email your suggestions to Chris on by Monday 24th May and she’ll make sure they get brought to the table for discussion.

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