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LUU will not oppose industrial action

April 28, 2010

A result of the recent Leeds University Union referendum shows forthright student support for industrial action by staff that might be necessary in defence of education at the University. Motion 1 in the referendum was worded ‘Should LUU oppose industrial action?’ 717 students voted in favour of opposition, but 891 voted against opposition, effectively telling their representatives that they should not oppose industrial action. The motion then failed. The result further confirms the UCU’s evidence that students support strikes.

The motion had been forwarded at the LUU Council meeting of 8 March, and supported by the majority of that council. The democratic process has permitted students to voice their concern here and the UCU is grateful for the stated ambition behind the motion that “there needed to be a debate on the issue of cuts and strike action.” That debate has drawn a good deal of student attention to the challenges we face both locally and nationally, and students at Leeds have recognised en masse, as they have done across the country, that the threat of industrial action and on occasion actual action is a necessary and useful strategy in defending jobs and defending education.

Update 30 April: Curiously, the Student Union emailed all students telling them that the motion had passed. When some students challenged this clearly incorrect statement, they received an apology and an explanation that this was an innocent typo.

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