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Donate to the UCU campaign fund

March 19, 2010

While matters in the recent dispute have been settled at Leeds, the struggle against the cuts here and nationally continues. Other UCU branches are taking or preparing to take strike action to defend jobs and education on campuses around the country. A strike fund was established at Leeds, and these funds will be passed on to the national collection. Campaign funds are crucial in supporting striking members, especially those with most to lose from taking a day’s action, such as hourly-paid members whose work falls on a strike day. Students at Leeds were generous in contributing to our local fund, and here is just one example: member of Leeds University Against Cuts (which was made an official Society by Leeds University Union last week) held a gig on Monday 15th at the Packhorse in support of LUAC and UCU. The gig was headlined by Al Baker & The Dole Que, a band heavily influenced by the political folk of Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan. Support came from Sheffield’s The Ruby Kid, a political rap artist. Ben Childs, ex-member of influential punk band Sonic Boom Six performed, as well as 1st year students involved in the cuts movement with their shanty-driven band Elijah At Sea. Other students Al Cummins, Conor Whelan, Steph Silk and organiser Henry Raby performed poetry in-between bands. The atmosphere was homely, fun and a sense of unity filed the room, a strong sense of lyricism and poetry about supporting Unions and opposing poor management and villainous authority leading people to willing contribute to the UCU fund (including a very generous £10 note). The money raised came to an impressive £40, which has been passed to Sue Redhead, and the profits from entry fee to the gig went to Leeds University Against Cuts. United through music! (Thanks to Henry Raby for the text here)

How you can donate to the UCU campaign fund:

Make a direct bank transfer, or set up a regular standing order, to:
Account name: UCU Fighting Fund
Sort code: 08-60-01
Account no: 20179432
Reference: ‘Fighting Fund 2010’

or send a cheque (payable to ‘University and College Union’) to:
Fighting Fund 2010
Finance Dept
University and College Union
Carlow Street

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