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Voluntary Leavers’ Scheme

February 19, 2010

The university’s Voluntary Leavers’ Scheme was recently launched, and we know that this has raised many questions for our members.  We have looked into this and done some digging, and this document – Voluntary Leavers Scheme (word file) – contains the information we have ascertained.  Anyone considering pursuing an application needs to be aware that neither the University nor the UCU can give financial advice.  However, the university will be engaging independent financial advisers and consultations will be made available to staff.

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  1. New to UCU permalink
    February 20, 2010 9:04 AM

    This seemingly trivial blog posting speaks volumes. Nowhere, but nowhere does the University provide this level of detail about this scheme, which rears its head at a difficult and troubling time for all. Especially difficult given the University’s harsh stance on compulsory redundancies, at a time when less rich Universities are promising they won’t make people go compulsarily. Do I feel the University values me? No. Their news items have turned into deliberately misleading anti-UCU propaganda, while the UCU blog is turning into a valuable source of real, detailed information and support for staff. Do I feel valued by my union? It’s worth every penny of the fee.

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