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Strike FAQs for members

February 17, 2010
Students support strikes

Students support strikes

Members can now download the following document listing and answering the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning taking strike action:
Strike FAQs (pdf file)

There is another document to download here for members who have concerns about how striking impacts upon one’s pension:
Pensions information (pdf file)

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  1. Jarvis permalink
    February 17, 2010 5:20 PM

    I see from the latest e-mailed newsletter from the University that they have complained to the BBC ( for reporting 700 possible job losses (UCU estimate) rather the management estimate of around 400. Does anyone else find it bizarre and insulting that they have not communicated this estimate directly to staff at any time? Why did I have to learn this figure indirectly from a letter that they have written to the BBC? This seems to be typical of their way of thinking throughout the process that is going on in FBS and in the ‘Economies Exercise’. Staff do not seem to be important enough to be given important information that will ultimately affect their livelihoods and students are being kept ignorant of the true effects of these cuts.

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