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Why are we striking?

February 11, 2010

Yet again, the University has released a statement which misrepresents the UCU’s reasons for balloting and now for adopting strike action. In a news item published on their website they say “Industrial action will not resolve the funding crisis facing higher education.”

There are plenty of sources from which the authors of these statements could obtain the facts: our blog, our polite emails to them, the local, specialist or even national press.

As all members know, but for the sake of clarity, we are preparing to take strike action (which we hope to be able to call off if talks with the university are successful) for the following reasons:

  • UCU believes that the University is in clear breach of section 188 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act in failing to engage in a meaningful way to avert and mitigate against job losses.
  • UCU believes that the University is in clear breach of the Employment Rights Act and also its internal Charter and Statutes, which require that fair and transparent processes are adopted when it comes to selecting people for redundancy.
  • UCU believes that the University’s systems of Governance are being ignored in the ‘change management’ race before any serious negotiations might disrupt or delay their plans. (Members will remember that they announced job matching in FBS just hours after the first talks with ACAS).
  • UCU believes that the University is imposing narrow and rigid job descriptions on all FBS academic staff that UCU challenges as illegal and considers an affront to academic freedom. Academic related and other jobs are also under significant and immediate threat and UCU is doing everything within its power to defend and protect all members.

United we stand.

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  1. An academic permalink
    March 17, 2010 2:58 PM

    How disappointing to the SWP conspiracy theorists. Can’t see an SWP agenda here. Keep looking, and say hello to the Wizard of Oz when you meet him.

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