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People flock to UCU blog for information

February 9, 2010
students support UCU

Students support UCU

Yesterday saw the second highest volume of people to come to the blog in one day (966 by midnight). The only other day to receive any higher volume was Thursday 19 November, the day of the protest outside the Ziff. The blog on the protest, coupled with the blog from the day before on the VCEG Rudding Park trip, gave that day a serious readership across campus and beyond. We can only read yesterday’s spike as having been produced by a campus thirsty for information following the revelation that UCU was raising serious concerns regarding the VCs explanation for the halting of the ACAS talks, coupled with the impressive collection of photos of students declaring support for any strike action (see published stats for 8 January, below, snapshot taken at 6pm).

readership stats spike

Yesterday's spike, growing at 6pm

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  1. Amy Powell Yeates permalink
    February 10, 2010 2:18 PM

    Hi there everyone,

    Exciting news – there is now a secure petition behind reception at Leeds University Union, with the following title:

    ‘Should LUU support University Staff and their trade unions in any legitimate action they take to defend our education and oppose cuts?’

    We need 750 signatures on it before Thursday 18th 4pm for it to go ahead as an emergency referendum. If it goes ahead, it will coincide with the Executive Election.

    This is certainly a challenge, but I think it is possible. I would urge anyone who feels strongly about this to sign (if of course, satisfied with its content). Please join the event which states the full terms of the proposed motion. Twill only take 5 to read. Here is the link:

    Many many thanks

    Amy Powell Yeates.

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