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Leeds Student reports further on the crisis

January 30, 2010
image of campaign stickers

Campaign stickers left for students to take

Several articles in the Leeds Student newspaper yesterday reported on different aspects of the current crisis around campus. Follow the links below.

Support Staff, Support the strike
Controversy over the School of English review
A report on the Anti-Cuts student group
A report on students opposing the SU anti-strike stance
An update on FBS and the origins of the ballot

Leeds StudentUCU are concerned that the University has misrepresented the situation to students in the last article listed here, in which a University spokesperson claims that the job-matching process in FBS was not brought forward to end at 9am on the day of the first ACAS talks. But the original timetable indicates otherwise. In an email to staff in FBS on 3 December 2009, Steve Homans indicated that the job matching process would begin on 4 January. Then, after the University’s agreement to talks with ACAS, this was brought forward so that the process would begin on 17 December, meaning that that applications had to be submitted by 9am on 11 January. The first ACAS meeting was 11 January. The evidence is published below in the form of an annotated version of the timetable for job-sharing that the unions received


Evidence of shift of the FBS job-matching process being brought forward

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