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Getting the Vote Out

January 29, 2010

Get the vote out FAQs:

Students' Union

Student graffiti outside the SU urges staff to strike

Q: When does the ballot close?
A: Wednesday 3 February 12:30pm – so to ensure that your ballot is received and counted please post your form no later than Monday 1 February.

Q: When will we hear the ballot result?
A: We should be able to declare the result on Thursday 4 February.

Q: What would be a good turn-out in the ballot?
A: The highest turn-outs in recent years for local disputes have been at London Met (55%) and NTU in 2008 (57.9%). The last national pay ballot had a turn-out of 50.71%. Anything over 50% is considered a strong turn-out.

Q: What would be a good ‘yes’ result?
A: The ballots above all received a high proportion of ‘yes’ votes: 63.9% at London Met; 77% at NTU and 63% in the national ballot.

GTVO campaign

In an outstanding GTVO (Get the Vote Out) campaign this week, UCU Officers and members have marched through the many corridors of our University meeting members and discussing the ballot. So far this week we have approached close to 900 UCU members around campus, either face to face, over the phone or both. We start out today on the last big push, with the ambition that by Monday we’ll have spoken to well over a thousand of our members.

By far the vast majority of people tell campaigners that they have voted – or that they are about to do so. The mood is very good amongst people we’ve been speaking to: ‘the union is right, the issue is right and the communications are spot on’ is the message we’ve been hearing time and time again.

ballot papers

Mislaid your papers? Look for an envelope with this in the top left-hand corner

Highlights of the week that one canvasser recalled included meeting a member in Institute of Health Sciences who could not speak highly enough about the local UCU branch – ‘the level of commitment and support from officers, regular and clear briefings about the dispute’. In LIGHT (Leeds Institute of Genetics, Health and Therapeutics) a member we first met spent several hours subsequently helping find the people on the membership check list, and then took a pile of blank application forms and was already going round knocking on doors of non-members to sign them up as the campaign team was leaving. Another highlight was meeting a member from Leeds Metropolitan University who gave up her lunch hour to join the student demonstration on Tuesday and support UCU colleagues at the University of Leeds.

It is no breach of confidence to state that from inside the Ziff building on Tuesday afternoon, as ACAS talks continued, both the management and the UCU teams could clearly hear the chants of students: “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts”

Members are voting in their hundreds to send a clear sign to university management that they want to be consulted and respected. The outcome of this vote will prove to be a historic appeal to demand recognition that this is our university; we built it, we sustain it, and – alongside the students – we will protect it.

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    Hi, was wondering if a larger version of the graff picture exisits, I know the student newspaper would like to print it. please contact:


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