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A note of thanks from a student

December 12, 2009

With teaching for the semester coming to a close yesterday, we sent out an email of thanks and festive good wishes to the hundreds of students who have been supporting our campaign against the cuts to jobs and education facilities. A few responses came back, and we’ve received the permission of the author to post the following:

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank YOU and your colleagues for the hard work and effort you have put into this campaign so far. I understand you have come under fire from a number of sources, for ‘scaremongering’ among other things. I, like many other students I’m sure, do not feel this is what has been happening – I feel you have been one of a number of people giving students vital information, and the opportunity to act and make our voices heard in protest at the university’s ‘Economies Exercises’.

I am on maternity leave this year, so cannot contribute as actively as I would like to, but nevertheless I am making what small effort I can to spread word, and facebook and twitter (and retweet) as much as I can.

I wish you great success in the new year as you continue to defend the rights of students at staff at the university. The staff-student relationships and the resources of the much valued and talented staff are much more important to the majority of students (if not all students) than hatchet schemes and shiny new buildings, and it is a real shame that the university administration appears to have lost sight of the real value of education.

All the best for 2010
Dorinda Gear
2nd yr English & History
Centre for Joint Honours campaign 2009”

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