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A Challenge to the VC

November 26, 2009

An open letter to Roger Gair, University of Leeds secretary, from Leeds UCU

Dear Roger,

Yesterday, the VC in Senate accused the UCU of spreading disinformation amongst students. If any of our facts or figures are inaccurate, or if any information has been presented in a way that is disingenuous or might encourage a false inference, we’d be happy to adjust it and clarify the reasons for doing so. We will post any such corrections on our blog. We are interested in transparency, openness and honesty, and it is in this spirit that we invite any comments on or corrections to any ‘disinformation’.

Update: A letter dated 18 December was received by UCU on 8 January, in it the VC explains that he has no memory of stating in Senate that the majority of emails from students were ‘irrelevant’, and he contests the use of our wording ‘the University is now promising reduced contact hours for students’, and our argument that the cuts will result in our having the worst SSRs in the Russell group. Accordingly, we will remove references to the first of these. The word ‘promising’ might be removed, though it is evidence that reduced contact hours are an effect of cuts. The argument about SSRs is predicated n future evidence.

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