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Motion for 25 November Senate

November 24, 2009

25 November: Update. The Vice-Chancellor personally recommends rejection of this motion and, after much discussion and strong support for it, it is not voted through.

The following motion has been submitted by Dr Gavin Reid for discussion at the 25 November Senate:

“Senate notes its role as set out in the Statement of the role and responsibilities of the Senate to regulate in accordance with the Charter and Statutes:

(a) the admission of students;
(b) the curriculum and assessment;
(c) the maintenance and enhancement of academic standards;
(d) the award of degrees and other qualifications.

It further notes its responsibility set out in the Statement ‘for advising the Council on academic and related strategies’; its right to be ‘consulted about the allocation of general revenue’; to be ‘given the opportunity to comment on proposed policies or modifications to policies, and on major business proposals affecting the academic work of the University; and to be ‘consulted about any material modifications to the constitutional and organisational structure of the University.’

In recognising the potential impact of the current Economies exercise on all these areas of Senate’s work, we call for a thorough assessment of its academic implications to be presented to our next meeting of Senate for discussion. To assist this process Senate approves the setting up of a sub-group containing nine elected members, five ex-officio members plus two Heads of School and two co-opted student members to examine all consequences of the economies, including the impact on staff, students and the academic reputation of the University. This body should seek the views of the academic community at Leeds, including both staff and students and their representatives. The body’s composition shall be decided upon by a vote of Senate.

We believe this exercise will be beneficial to the University’s future and provide clear assurance to all that Management is listening to their views before acting. We therefore respectfully ask the Vice Chancellor to place on hold those processes currently in train until this Senate has had an opportunity to consider the evidence on potential academic impact from the sub-group. Senate should, following the meeting on 3rd February 2010 prepare a report for the consideration of Council so that it can establish a budget that takes in to account the academic requirements of the Institution.”

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