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UCU issue briefing paper for students and parents

November 11, 2009

The UCU at Leeds today released a briefing paper for students and their parents, to give them more information on the background to the crisis at Leeds, and the impact the 700 job cuts will have on education provision and the student experience across the University. This paper is currently available for electronic download  ( or can be read on Facebook ( The leaflet is being prepared for physical distribution in the coming days. We would recommend that all members draw it to the attention of their students.

students protesting

Students using UCU posters to protest the job cuts at Graduation in July 2009

Students are increasingly concerned about the job cuts and the questionable reasons for the ‘economies exercise’. The Facebook group ‘Defend Jobs at Leeds, Defend Education’ ( has over 270 members and is growing each week. UCU learned that a group of 60 students protested with placards outside the Students’ Union building on Friday lunchtime, complaining against both the cuts and their own Union’s response to the threat of an adverse impact on the student experience. In the space of an hour, we understand, they gathered 200 signatures on a petition they had composed for the event.

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