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Faculty of Biological Sciences facilities on freeze by the centre

November 3, 2009

Part of the proposed recovery plan for the Faculty of Biological Sciences is to reduce space costs. FBS occupies some of the Worsley building but plans to move its operations out of there and occupy only spaces in the so called ‘horse shoe’ of buildings, including the Manton building.

FBS management decided that two floors of the Manton building needed to be refurbished, clarifying to staff that expenditure for this had already been allocated. The area to be refurbished was quite substantial so several research groups and staff were told that they had to move out of this area by October, which they did. They were all moved out of their functioning facilities into temporary accommodation in the Worsley building – the very spaces they were supposed to be leaving as part of the recovery plan.

manton2Staff have now been told that due to university funding cuts, the Manton refurbishment is on hold for an unspecified period. So, could they not just return to their labs? Regrettably not: As these images show, the Manton facilities were torn apart, rendering them now unusable until the freeze on refurbishments is lifted. We believe FBS get to continue paying for these spaces into the bargain, at a time when they need to implement significant savings.

Back in July, when it was sensibly proposed within the Institute of Integrative and Comparative Biology that themanton3 refurbishment might be delayed until restructuring uncertainties were ironed out, the Institute were told that the refurbishment should go ahead for the benefit of the University and its students, and not only that, but that they should move out before October or risk losing the refurbishment money altogether. They’ve moved out, lost their spaces, lost the refurbishment money and potentially  have to pay throughout 2009/10 for spaces that they never wanted to start with.

World-class leadership at the University of Leeds.


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