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Leeds Student newspaper reports on ‘significant error’ in University’s budget

October 30, 2009

Leeds Student Newspaper reported the issue of the error of £20 million missing in each of the forthcoming years’ projections today and the link between that and the 10% cuts

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  1. November 4, 2009 12:31 PM

    A comment left on the Leeds Student website by a student reads:

    “Resources,staff and students are definitely going to suffer as a result of this. Perhaps the university should not have overstretched itself quite so much in terms of its multi-million pound building program? Students (current and potential) cannot help but ask why so many brand new buildings are going up, when the university is not going to have any staff to teach in them, and the number of student places is going to fall – particularly with the inevitable drop in HE funding over the next 3-5years due to the funding crisis in central government; so there will be no students to learn in, or use the buildings either! And yet, the university still seems set on getting rid of departments & offices like the Centre for Joint Honours, in particular, and giving other departments more students to look after, for which they would need more resources, when in fact the CJH is a very efficient way to look after JH students – not to mention one that most students do not want to lose.”

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