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Save Healthcare

February 16, 2014

LUU campaign video #savehealthcare

UCU, UNITE, UNISON petition to Save Healthcare Training at the University of Leeds

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Current plans in the University seem set to lead to:

1) the closure of: Pharmacy, Audiology, Cardiac Physiology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

2) the possible closure of Diagnostic Radiography and Social Work

3) the retention of Nursing and Midwifery, subject to “transformation of the staff base.”

The Review that the University has initiated seems likely to have unintended consequences and to impact on:

1) National skills shortages

2) The national importance and reputation of some of the disciplines within the school

3) The quality of education available to students

4) The need of local people (many of them women returners) to be able to study in Leeds

5) The quality of clinical care available in West Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

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Just a few of the people…

January 24, 2014
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…telling us that our universities can’t afford pay rises in line with inflation.


What’s in a name?

December 13, 2013

Private Eye No 1355

13th December 2013 page 31

Following on from some paragraphs about the high cost of renaming Leeds Met …

“Not to be outdone, the separate University of Leeds then announced on 29 November that it was to name its new undergraduate library after a living, sex-addicted, tax dodging Tory donor and peer, Lord Irvine Laidlaw. Leeds graduate Lord Laidlaw recently gave the university £9m, its largest ever donation.

A previous £1.15m donation by Lord Laidlaw to the university in 2011, to fund two scholarship schemes prompted the Leeds Student newspaper to call for tighter restrictions on whose donations would be accepted.

The multi-millionaire was criticised by the House of Lords Appointments Commission for failing to give up his tax exile status in Monaco despite promising to do so on becoming a life peer in 2004 (Eyes passim). While ducking tax on the £700m sale of his events business, he has donated millions to the Conservative party as a whole and the Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign. In 2008 he announced that he was seeking treatment for sex addiction after the News of the World revealed that he was flying in pricey prostitutes for champagne-fuelled orgies – hopefully not the kind of thing that will be happening in the new Laidlaw Library.”

Hey Big Spender! UCL student newspaper on Michael Arthur’s time at Leeds

December 5, 2013

Oscar Webb

The Cheesegrater

The incoming UCL Provost has expensive tastes. In the last six years, Professor Michael Arthur, who will replace Professor Malcolm Grant in September, has charged the University of Leeds, where he is currently Vice Chancellor, over £70,000 in accommodation, entertainment and other expenses.

Professor Arthur has been staying in some of the world’s most expensive hotels on the university’s budget, including the Ritz-Carlton in New York and the Chesterfield in Mayfair, London. The average price of his hotel room has amounted to £228 per night over the past six years. Professor Arthur claimed £618 for a one-night stay in the Russell Hotel London in 2007. His hotel bills have cost Leeds on average £7,000 annually since 2006, more than double what the current UCL Provost claimed for his accommodation in the last financial year.

The University of Leeds has also picked up a large tab for Professor Arthur’s ‘institutional entertaining’. On one occasion, the Vice Chancellor and one guest enjoyed themselves at the Cinnamon Club London, the university picking up the £350 bill. At other times, Professor Arthur and corporate guests have dined at Le Cirque, New York, on the University’s account.

The Vice-Chancellor has apparently also charged the university for his private meals during business trips, claiming hundreds of pounds for restaurant bills in New York. These expenses were referred to as ‘restaurants’ in the University of Leeds’ document obtained by this magazine; there was no indication that these expenses were for corporate entertainment. At various other times the Vice-Chancellor has claimed money for ‘subsistence’, on one occasion claiming £52 for a restaurant meal in Sydney.

Professor Arthur’s salary has increased by more than 60 per cent in the last eight years, from £170,000 in 2004 to over £280,000 in 2012 – these figures are before pension contributions and expenses. Like the UCL Provost, the Leeds Vice Chancellor’s university residence is paid for by the university free of charge. 

Strike – Day 2

December 2, 2013

Strike - Day 2

Message from the Vice Chancellor

November 29, 2013

Dear all

I am very pleased to let you know about the University’s ‘Making a World of Difference’ fundraising campaign, which aims to raise £60m by the end of 2015. The Campaign is already creating inspirational new opportunities for our students and enabling key areas of research. The Campaign website ( showcases the whole range of projects that are being supported by fundraising activity and are part of achieving our vision of a place among the world’s leading universities.

I also wanted to share the news that Irvine Laidlaw, who studied at Leeds in the 1960s, has agreed to make a £9m gift to our Campaign. This will support the development of the new undergraduate library which is already under construction on campus. This is the biggest gift ever received by the University and takes our Campaign total to more than £40m. Full details about this gift will be on the Campaign website tomorrow.

I look forward to sharing news about the Campaign with you in the months ahead, as we continue to experience the benefits of philanthropy in many areas of the University’s work.

Best wishes

Alan Langlands

Tax dodging donor gives cash to Uni


Scots peer is accused of avoiding payment of £50m in tax


Tory lord rebuked for tax status


The Tory offshore peer


Lord Laidlaw seeks help for sex addiction after lurid revelations




Motion passed by NUS NEC in Support of joint unions’ strike action

November 28, 2013
NEC believes
• People who work for our universities, from lecturers to library staff, are taking strike action
on 3 December. This is the second day of strike action that has been organised this term bythe trade unions UCU, Unison and Unite
• The strike has been called over a 1% pay offer, which represents a real terms wage cut.
This comes after many years of declining wages. Academic staff have seen a real-terns paycut of 13.8% since 2009
• Many of the workers taking part in action will also tell you that their reasons for striking
include ever increasing work-loads, low-pay, casualistion, zero-hour contracts, bullying anddiscrimination
• Many students are among those who will be striking, including the many thousands who rely on teaching and part time work to continue their studies
• The strike on 31 October drew wide support from students, many of whom joined rallies and pickets in support of those on strike.NEC further believes
• The issues the strike relates to directly affect students. Under-paid, overworked and undervalued staff are never going to be able to give students the best possible help and support, however dedicated they may be
• This strike is part of both the fight to defend education and to beat back the brutal austerity policies that are seeing jobs destroyed, living standards decimated and the future for the next generation snatched away
• Strikes are the most powerful weapon working people have to fight to change things for the better – they demonstrate the huge potential power of workers
• For Students, this strike may be a minor inconvenience in the short-term, but the long term
damage that’s being done to education will have far more detrimental effects if it goes
NEC resolves
• To stand in complete solidarity with workers taking strike action in our universities
• To produce a leaflet for distribution on campuses, explaining why students should support
strikes and attend picket lines to bring support and solidarity
• To make the campaign to support the strike a top item on the NUS website and use social
media networks to publicise it
• To write to all students unions advising them to host joint public meetings with campus
trade unions in the run up to the strike to attempt to raise awareness of the issues

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